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What is Menumiz™ Free Coaster campaign?

It is a marketing and awareness project launched by Menumiz™
for branding purpose.

Why Menumiz™ give out free coasters?

This is our marketing strategy to provide FREE Coasters in return of relationship with the potential users of our products and services.

How many Menumiz™ Coaster can I order?

You may order 50 or 100 coasters every time. However, Menumiz™ reserve the right to send you as many number as we think you need based on the size of your business.

How often can I order free coasters?

You can order twice a month, should you need more often, please Order Online or email us at or Whatsapp Us to request for more.

Can I order Menumiz™ Coaster for home use?

No, Menumiz™ FREE Coaster are provided for businesses only.

Can I sell the Menumiz™ Coaster?

No, Menumiz™ Coaster are not for sale

How much is each Menumiz™ Coaster worth?

Each coaster will cost us approximately RM5 including the design, production, shipping, and management of the campaign.

Why I received different design?

Sometimes stock is not available, sorry that we have to send you what is in stock.

Why I did not receive my free coasters at all?

We reserve the right not to send Menumiz™ Coaster as they are considered free gifts, not paid goods. We may have stock issue, we may think you had enough before or you are not a genuine F&B business.

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About Menumiz™

Menumiz™ free coasters campaign is a marketing and awareness project conducted by Menumiz™, targeting foodservice businesses. Our goal is to bring awareness about Menumiz™ ePOS in the market as well as promoting our ePOS system.

We will provide 50 to 100 quality and appealing beer coasters for free upon request and we collect some statistic data about your business in return.

Note: Coasters are not for sale.

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